Procon delivers research-based marketing plans to organizations seeking to accelerate their growth. Since 1991, Procon has developed marketing plans for hundreds of organizations, including start-ups, middle-market businesses, and Fortune 2000 companies.

Our services include the following:

– Design, implementation, and expansion of marketing programs;
– Sales plan creation: create sales plans for all products & services;
– Email campaign creation and implementation;
– Evaluation of all aspects of customer contact including look and feel of marketing collateral & telemarketing;
– Recommendations for profit improvement, cost reduction, and improved customer satisfaction;
– Establishing a customer focus; creating an awareness of the customer in all functional areas;
– Marketing database design and/or re-design;
– Marketing collateral redesign or creation;
– Trade show analysis and strategy;
– Vendor selection and negotiation including list management;
– Focus group project management;
– Evaluation of all social media channels and recommendations for improvements to program;
– SEO and social networking integration;
– Sales force augmentation;
– Review of website with recommendations for improvements;
– Work with existing staff to assess and improve direct marketing abilities;
– Management of PR efforts including national press releases;
– Negotiation of revenue share deals for improved profits; and
– Establishment of partnerships, where appropriate

Our mission is to provide sales & marketing consulting services with an emphasis on customer-centric marketing as well as customer-centric thinking throughout the entire organization.

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