Take this unassuming test. Look for the following conditions indicating possible requirements for re-visiting a process:

  • Requisite information is not available
  • Over-management
  • No clear process owner
  • Process is reactive, rather than proactive
  • Idle time delays completion of required tasks
  • Redundant activities make up a portion of the process

If some, or all of these statements are true, you can probably benefit from an operations planning & control review and achieve some of the following benefits:

  • Reduced Activity & Cycle Time
  • Increased Availability of Resources
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Improved Customer Service

Financial Planning & Control

Executives deal with problems and decisions from individualistic viewpoints, normally derived from their career backgrounds. PROCON believes that management must view decisions to be made from all perspectives. Financial planning and control is the vehicle from which you can consider all the implications of each proposal and decision. PROCON management consultants help our clients reduce costs and increase productivity with the implementation of the following professional services:

  • Analysis of productivity by various segments
  • Analysis, development & implementation of planning, budgeting and allocation business models
  • Analysis, development & implementation of cost management strategies
  • Analysis, development & implementation of measurement and reporting systems

Regardless of whether a company is manufacturing, distribution or services based, financial planning & control is key to achieving pre-defined goals. An enterprise’s success depends directly on their ability to provide quality product or service at a competitive cost. Procon business modeling, information technology and financial consulting professional services can provide management with the additional information required to make informed decisions.