Are you effectively using your financial resources to support your business?

In today’s challenging times access to and effect management of operational capital are critical to any business’ short- and long-term success. Procon works with clients to develop and deliver practical solutions that can enhance an organization’s financial capabilities. Drawing on our expertise in accounting, project management, process improvement and risk analysis, we do more than simply assure clients fulfill accounting and reporting requirements. Our consultants quickly identify management, accounting and operational issues that can keep companies from achieving their business objectives. If your requirement or our efforts determine that expansion capital is required we can assist in that effort as well. We partner with our clients to implement effective accounting and financial solutions, giving them a strong foundation on which to grow their business.

The cornerstones of Procon’s philosophy are Quality, Service, Excellence, and Commitment to long-term client support. As individuals, and as a firm, we proudly stand behind our work. Professional ethics guide all of our dealings with clients.

Additionally, we can provide support for our client’s fundraising needs.


    • Creation of financing-ready business plan


    • Development of financial forecast


    • Authorship of and coaching for your business plan presentation


    • Establishing a financing strategy


    • Identification of and introduction to potential financing sources


    • Introduction to investors


  • Assistance in financing meetings and negotiations

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