Just a few years ago, social media barely existed. Today, companies big and small are using it to brand themselves, connect with audiences, and share ideas. Procon Management Services helps clients integrate social media into their overall marketing strategies and establish themselves as authorities and resources in their fields. We create a multifaceted social media presence that promotes a company’s products, services and principles to targeted audiences and communities of prospective customers.

Choosing the right social media channels, setting up profiles, and monitoring the accounts daily with posts and interaction with fans and followers is only part of our social media strategy for clients. Procon Management Services also specialize in creating compelling content, in the form of articles, press releases, blogs, videos, commercials, photos, polls, and interactive graphics.

Learn about our social media services below. But first, take a moment to learn about our related services that will help fuel your social media campaign:

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Procon Management Services specializes in all social media channels and particularly the three biggest ones (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn):


Set up and manage the daily posts:

  • Optimize the existing Facebook page.
  • Create engaging content on a daily basis to build fans including contests, asking questions, providing reviews and showing offers.
  • Follow other relevant pages of businesses in your industry. Comment and share on their pages.
  • Monitor and respond to comments and reviews placed on the page in a timely manner.
  • Create photo galleries of the various products and services.
  • Post new and existing video as provided.
  • Utilize custom iframes to build apps within Facebook.

Handle all aspects of Facebook advertising including likes campaigns, boosted posts, custom audiences, remarketing and look-a-like campaigns.

Provide analytics reports on a regular basis.


Set up and manage the daily posts:

  • Post-relevant Tweets on a daily basis.
  • Utilize best practices including hashtags, URL shortners, 30 second videos and images to build followers.
  • Create feeds using key words and start conversations related to the brand and other keywords.
  • Monitor and address tweets and direct messages sent to business prospects, customers and other supporters.
  • Include the Twitter handle in various Twitter directories and create Twitter lists.
  • Utilize Twitter to engage in on conversations during trade shows or other industry events.

Handle all aspects of Twitter advertising including Twitter cards.

Provide analytics reports on a regular basis.


Set up and manage the posts:

  • Optimize the business page posts.
  • Post relevant B2B content to the business page on a regular basis.
  • Engage and post blog content in related groups that would be interested in your products and services.

Manage any LinkedIn advertising including sponsored posts and text ads.

Provide analytics reports on a regular basis.

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