Internet Marketing Services

Haven’t found the Pot of Internet Gold yet?

You’ve designed and constructed a website by which all other websites are judged. Unfortunately, the traffic is just not what you anticipated! Where did you go wrong? Can you recover from this blunder? Fortunately, the answer is a resounding YES. PROCON specializes in providing internet marketing services to our clients. For an analysis report click now for a website internet marketing report.

Here are some of the areas we concentrate on:

Social Media Marketing – We help clients integrate social media into their overall marketing strategies and establish themselves as authorities and resources in their fields. We create a multifaceted social media presence that promotes a company’s products, services and principles to targeted audiences and communities of prospective customers. Please be sure to visit Social Media Services.

Keyword deployment – We develop a program that focuses on specific keywords that will improve traffic from the various search engines to a website. Our research has shown that presently 9 out of 10 websites have no keyword strategy.

Meta and ALT tag usage and design – Meta and ALT Tag information is divided into keywords and descriptions. Crafting an appropriate tag(s) is both an art and a science.

URL submissions to Search Engines – Monitoring and placement in the various search engines and knowing when, where, and how often to re-submit your website is an essential element to ensure continued traffic to your site. PROCON can either design a client monitoring and submission plan or we can perform these services on your behalf.

Web affiliate – referral program – This program is designed to increase traffic to your site. In fact, several of the major search engines take into account how many sites refer back to your site as part of their ranking system. There are a multitude of these programs flooding the Internet. Knowing which program is appropriate for your organization is key to furthering your objectives. PROCON can help you through the maze of programs to find the one (or more) program(s) that will facilitate your objectives while remaining sensitive to budget issues.

Other consulting and internet marketing services include:

Traffic Improvement

Results Improvement

pay-per-click advertising strategic internet consulting
email newsletters online surveys & customer research
email advertising usability testing & interface consulting
banner advertising customer experience assessment & consulting
pop-up advertising web site traffic clcik stream analysis
search engine optimization conversion rate optimization
internet contests & promotions landing page creation & optimization
affiliate programs social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
local, regional, domestic & international campaigns and more…….

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If you are currently designing or enhancing your existing website, please be sure to see the section on this website entitled eDesign Services for an enumeration of essential factors for achieving success.

Our consultants can help you plan, build and manage your eBusiness with our marketing, consulting and web support services.

Customer knowledge is everything on the web. The company that knows its customers best and uses what it knows to serve them better has a huge advantage.