eCommerce Planning and Implementation

Moving a business to e-commerce requires a complete planning and implementation process to be successful. The steps to implementing an ecommerce solution for any organization are the following:

  • Determine market focus and geographic reach
  • Complete Return on Investment (ROI) modeling
  • Determine capacity requirements and expansion plans
  • Determination of either build or buy strategy for application software and hosting of ecommerce solution
  • Requires of application software to meet company and client requirements” to “Verify that application software meets company and client requirements.
  • Development of integration plan for interconnect with legacy systems and process
  • Support of product/service delivery with backroom
  • Strategies to support 24×7 business model
  • Support plans and development of redundant backup systems and process

Planning and Control

In any electronic commerce, the proper management and control processes will be the determining factor in predicting future success. Many organizations will fail in the planning and implementation of a web enabled system because:

  • They did not perform a requirements definition study to determine prerequisites for business process and information technology with associated risk management/risk transfer
  • A clear and concise scope that defined the business and information technology strategies was not completed
  • Incorrect implementing and supporting hardware, software applications and processes was not done
  • No redundancy and/or contingent plans were development to meet unplanned growth or expansion

Procon helps organization in the necessary planning and implementation of an e-commerce solution.

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