eCommerce and Online Retail sales are projected to reach 1 trillion dollars very shortly, an increase of 12 percent over 2010. Business models across the world also continue to change drastically with the advent of eCommerce. This change is not just restricted to USA. Other countries are also contributing to the growth of eCommerce. When it comes to retail products and services purchased on the internet, eCommerce accounted for 5.9% of the total retail market worldwide in 2014, or $1.316 trillion (source: By 2018, that share will increase significantly to 8.8%. China has overtaken the U.S. to become the world’s largest online retail market as its e-Commerce grossed $439 billion in 2014 (source: China Internet Network Information Center). The internet has become a critical element of China’s economic progress in the past five years. It’s done wonders in China. Now imagine what it can do for your business and industry.

This electronic business explosion is transforming the basic tenets and boundaries of commerce, as we now know it. We view eCommerce as more than establishing a web presence. If approached correctly, eBusiness will transform business activities and re-define business partnerships with vendors and customers that will improve business functions, process and communication. Success in this environment is at best, difficult to achieve. Few companies have the resources to design, implement and maintain a solution in-house while attending to “business as usual”.

PROCON wants to be your eBusiness partner!

How can we make your organization successful?

  • We can transform the capabilities of an organization in accordance with prudent and attainable strategies; as management consultants, we can assist you in aligning your Internet operations with overall strategy and optimize your technology to meet changing business needs. See Operations Planning & Control for more information.
  • We can define and implement a meaningful and productive web presence through strategic and tactical planning that goes beyond a basic website. We view a website as the means to expand your business communication and marketing to a wider audience. For a website to be successful it must integrate your business culture and process. See eDesign Services for more information.
  • We can take your existing website and move it into the fast lane with a fully integrated e-commerce solution that will allow your customers to order online, inquire about your products/services and request information on a 7×24 basis. This will allow your company to increase revenue and decrease operating expenses. See eCommerce for more information.
  • We believe that saving time and money by integrating legacy systems (where available) is a more prudent approach then rebuilding/replacing systems/processes that work. Additionally, ongoing support for an eBusiness system should be a balance of both internal and external resources that maximize the financial investment. See eOperations Services for more information.
  • Building an eBusiness site that is well thought out and designed will NOT increase revenue, customers, or new prospects if a complete and ongoing marketing plan is not instituted. Marketing a website is a rapidly changing and complex business opportunity that has many interdependent elements. Most websites fail to meet expectations because little or no resources and/or time is spent in this area. See eMarketing Services for more information.

The PROCON Difference

Our 20+ year foundation in traditional business/technology consulting gives your organization the “edge” to make prudent business decisions based on known information. Here are some additional ways we can assist your organization.

PROCON can justify the value of eBusiness by quantifying the following:

  • Improvements in efficiency
  • Revenue enhancements
  • Cost reduction

We can assist your organization in meeting the special challenges brought on by eBusiness in the areas of:

  • Supply chain integration
  • Inventory and service management integration
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Content management across the enterprise
  • Alignment of operations with strategic and tactical decisions
  • Managing channel conflict
  • Effectively linking with business partners
  • Managing customer acceptance
  • Managing employee skills, attitudes, and expectations
  • Security
  • Protection of data
  • Digital Money
  • Regulatory and Tax Issues

We believe that the Internet is a business tool that requires a consultative approach incorporating “old world” business process and control with appropriate technical solutions. We take this approach because it works!!