Monitoring your financial position in real-time is more essential than ever for effective near-term and long-term decision-making. Why, then, are some companies still using static spreadsheet applications that are either limited to looking backward or providing out-of-date information no longer useful for decision making purposes?

Just because you’re small, your business is still complex and you are facing many of the same concerns as larger companies. You’re probably juggling multiple objectives. You are being pulled in many directions. But, your data isn’t keeping up with you.

Small and midsize businesses now face greater challenges than ever before – and as a result, they need better tools to maintain a competitive advantage. We have been providing management consulting services to small and mid-sized businesses since 1985. Our clients look to us to assist them with three levels of planning and control; strategic, tactical, and operational. PROCON provides a broad range of management consulting professional services that address all levels of information management concerns.

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