Given the challenges facing companies in today’s highly competitive business environment, it should go without saying that any opportunity to seize an advantage should be seized, especially by midsized organizations.

According to an AMR Research, Inc. survey, 53% of respondents said that their organizations were not using, considering, or considering for the first time an ERP implementation. Another 11% reported that their organizations were not evaluating a replacement ERP system, nor were they adding functionality to, or upgrading, their current application. This represents a dramatic opening for proactive companies who realize that the best time to move forward is when the competition is content to stand pat.

Companies of any size, but midsized companies especially, can dramatically increase shareholder value by deploying a best-practice ERP application. Such solutions drive tangible benefits in all key value drivers: revenue growth, operating efficiency, asset utilization, and customer satisfaction. Moreover, a state-of-the-art ERP solution provides companies with the foundation to explore the benefits of an advanced supply chain that is fueled with real time information from an ERP platform.

The Procon professional services approach combines process improvement with information technology. Typically, there are many areas where process improvements can be made that result in tangible savings to our clients. We understand that our clients are facing significant business issues in the marketplace and we have successfully partnered with them to achieve optimum solutions. Product and service, pricing and marketing is only the first step. Aligning people, process, and information technology with a stated strategy can prove to be the difference between success and failure.

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