One of the reasons businesses look into an ERP installation is that their enterprise is experiencing difficulty in integrating the information they have stored in widely diverse applications that can’t “talk” to one another. Organizations within a company may even use different programs to perform the same functions. When you install an ERP application you solve many of your information integration problems. ERP is an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relations Management (CRM) software solution that can combine the power of point of sales (POS), distribution and inventory, eCommerce, accounting, and workflow systems within one robust application. With an ERP system you have better data quality, since information need only be entered once to be available to the entire company. You are also able to easily run reports using enterprise-wide data, allowing you to quickly see trends developing within specific organizations or across your entire company.

Implementing the proper business system can be as strategic and important to your bottom line as expanding your warehouse or bringing on new product lines. However, implementing the wrong solution or choosing an inexperienced solution provider can have a serious negative effect on your business – from lost opportunities and late orders to bankruptcy, in some extreme cases. Consequently, it is imperative that businesses take time to clearly define their business processes and objectives before they start their search for new business software.

Did you know that over 70% of implementation projects fail or are challenged? Companies can literally choose from thousands of software products to help them manage their businesses. In the software world, one size certainly does not fit all businesses. Let us help you decide which application best suits your needs.

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