Builders and Realtors Can Reach Customers Easily and Inexpensively on Social Media

So you’re building a new condo unit or selling an existing house. As you know, it’s not so easy to find prospective homeowners interested in checking out your property.

That’s where social media comes in.

Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn can be used for lead generation and help builders and Realtors stand out in a crowded field of competitors in your community.

Consider the results of Procon Management Services in helping three builders get big results – and fast – from using Facebook.

A few months ago, we were brought in to assist a builder of a luxury living community for active adults 55 and over in Long Island, New York. The builder wanted to generate real leads of individuals and couples interested in moving into the upscale condominiums.

Procon worked with the builder to create super-targeted advertisements on Facebook. A campaign was set up with the goal of attracting interested residents to fill out a short website contact form.

In a matter days, we got great results: 9,342 people were reached, and 33 of them responded by answering the form. The price of the campaign: just $350. That amounted to $10.61 per lead.

In the world of real estate leads, that’s a nominal fee for getting high quality leads.

Procon had similar recent success with another builder, this one a townhome development in Lake Worth, Florida. There, the idea was the same: use Facebook to get the word out to families interested in homes in the $250,000 price point.

Again, in a matter days, we got impressive results: 8,806 people were reached through Facebook and 129 of them responded with an interest in touring and learning more about the community.

In total, we spent $127 in Facebook ads – at a cost of a mere $.99 a lead!

Lastly, because of Procon’s efforts on Facebook, a high rise in Fort Lauderdale has a contract on their $4 million plus Penthouse directly from a lead generated from Facebook.

There’s a lot of opportunity, not just on Facebook but across other social media platforms like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram, to reach prospects. And social media isn’t just about selling – it’s the place to become an influencer in your community and build a solid reputation as an expert in your field.

Procon Management Services can help you use social media to sell your properties, get new clients, and become better known in your community.

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