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Procon Management has been providing software solutions and services to businesses since 1989. Our goal is to maximize our client’s investment in a prudent and realistic fashion by providing solutions that are appropriate for the client’s environment.




Achieving Excellence
Our Clients look to us to assist them with three levels of planning and control; strategic, tactical, and operational. PROCON provides a broad range of management consulting professional services that address all levels of information management concerns.

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Take it to the next level
During the last 20+ years we have developed a professional services company that specializes in business process & procedure, audit, and technical consulting services.

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Sales and Marketing


Accelerate your growth
Procon delivers research-based marketing plans to organizations seeking to accelerate their growth. Since 1991, Procon has developed marketing plans for hundreds of organizations, including start-ups, middle-market businesses, and Fortune 2000 companies.

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Perfecting the End User Experience
If approached correctly, eBusiness will transform business activities and re-define business partnerships with vendors and customers that will improve business functions and communication.

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